Predict the therapeutic response of antiviral therapy in Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infected patients.

The IL28B RealFast™ Assay helps to predict the success of antiviral therapy and sustained virologic response (SVR) in Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infected patients.




  • Direct-acting antivirals and pegylated Interferon/Ribavirin regimens are used for the treatment of HCV infection.
  • SVR is dependent on virus genotype and on patients’ factors like age, sex, ethnicity and genetic variants associated with antiviral activity.
  • The functional variant rs368234815 TT>ΔG regulating IL28B expression is the strongest known host factor for predicting HCV clearance.
  • Genotyping of rs368234815 TT>ΔG helps to predict spontaneous and treatment-induced viral clearance in patients independent of their ethnicity.


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IL28B RealFast™ Assay7-200
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