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Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) are often caused by a combination of a genetic predisposition and an unhealthy lifestyle. CVD StripAssays® and RealFast Assays identify various combinations of genetic CVD risk factors.

Cardiovascular Diseases

  • The two major manifestations of CVD are atherosclerosis and venous thrombosis.
  • Risk for atherosclerosis is enhanced by a combination of an unhealthy lifestyle and variants of genes involved in endothelial dysfunction, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and inflammation.
  • A combination of adverse influences (female hormone intake, lack of physical activity, surgery, cancer) and certain genetic variations often lead to thrombosis.
  • Testing for these genetic variations can thus greatly contribute to lowering the individual's CVD risks.

Product Details

FV-PTH-MTHFR StripAssay® ref4-260
Apo-E StripAssay® ref4-280
FV-PTH StripAssay® ref4-290
FV StripAssay® ref4-330
PTH StripAssay® ref4-340
MTHFR StripAssay® ref4-350
CVD StripAssay® T ref4-360
CVD StripAssay® A ref4-370
FV Leiden RealFast™ Assay ref7-110 7-113
FV-PTH mpx RealFast™ Assay ref7115 7118
PTH 20210G>A RealFast™ Assay ref7-120 7-123
MTHFR 677C>T RealFast™ Assay ref7-160 7-163
MTHFR mpx RealFast™ Assay ref7-165 7-168
MTHFR 1298A>C RealFast™ Assay ref7-170 7-173
PAI-1 4G/5G RealFast™ Assay ref7-180 7-183
FGB -455G>A RealFast™ Assay ref7-230 7-233
FXII 46C>T RealFast™ Assay ref7-240 7-243
FXIII V34L RealFast™ Assay ref7-250 7-253