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Germline polymorphisms in the Fc gamma receptor (FCGR) have been reported to impact antibody-based cancer therapies. The FCGR StripAssay® identifies the variants FCGR2A H131R and FCGR3A F158V.

FCGR StripAssay®

  • Fc gamma receptor (FCGR) genotyping helps to identify high and low responders in antibody-based immunotherapy.
  • In colorectal cancer 56% of patients with FCGR3A 158 F/F genotype responded to treatment with cetuximab plus bevacizumab, compared to 25% with heterozygous F/V and 8% with homozygous V/V genotype
  • Breast cancer patients with the genotypes FCGR2A 131 H/H and FCGR3A 158V/V responded favourably to trastuzumab therapy.

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